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5 months later and another news update! As you may have noticed, The Fractionary and ::LOB:: 1v1 Servers have moved. New IPS as follows: ut2004:// and ut2004:// It's less of a move than it is a rebuild at a new host, as our last host died. At least temporarily, stats and demorecording are down. If I get enough pressure from folks on our forums, I'll probably consider re-implementing the most popular features. In other news from around the community, we've been fairly inactive since Zorak went to Europe - where previously we were working on teamwork and strats for both TDM and TAM. On the other hand, members of ::LOB:: played in Moyer's MOPSLAT TDM tourney, (holy smokes ONSLAUGHT PLAYED!) and I'm trying to get a WS ON ladder started at TWL, so that by the time 2k7 rolls around there will be a decent number of "crossover" teams who are excited about the dynamics and teamwork that is TDM. p.s. the assault rifle is still a fricken shame.

sup sup. finally got around to bringing stats back online for The Fractionary. As you probably noticed, I managed to fix the efficiency stat, but was unable to resolve the accuracy misreporting. *#&^$# newnet. And it looks like development on the stats program has long ground to a halt so we're probably not going to see improvements till 2k7. That site update I mentioned 6 months ago MAY or MAY NOT actually happen. We've launched a new server called the remainder at ut2004:// that was built from the ground up for public/puglic 1v1, 2v2, TDM and TAM. It's in Chicago. In other news, ::LOB:: tied for third with e in the 3SPN TAM Tournament, and I think I speak for all of the guys when I say that they had fun. Our MyUnreal Team which featured community members like ATD spasmodic and |C|Gemini narrowly missed the post-season after two tough losses to Behemoth and Gravity. In any event, we have a small core of people practicing TDM right now, in preparation for the as-yet unamed upcoming TDM tourney and you can probably find a few of the other guys pubbing and scrimming TAM. peace._chu

Long time with no news. Hope you're all having a nice summer... After much cajoling and harrassment from Peter I've finally completed the beta stage of UTstats for The Fractionary. Coming soon, we will have developed a fix for the way "NewNet" weapontypes display (right now they break the accuracy and efficiency stats). If I get my druthers, I will be able to retroactively convert those stats so everything will magically "work". Also, Site Design is being upgraded and the stats page will actually wind up looking like it's part of www.clanlob.com :) _chu

As you've probably noticed, DM-Fractionary-X2 (the version with the fixes from M3, but with bouncer and flak position of the -X version) is live. It's downloadable here.

04.26.05 We are continuing to test the M3 version of DM-Fractionary on our servers. In all likelihood, this will be the version played in UNL. Per some very vocal objections from some of NA's finest TDM players, the direct bouncer to the hundred has been toned down. Please provide your feedback in forums - HERE.

As some of you may have seen and heard, there is YAVOF floating around (yet another version of fractionary). In his own quest for perfection, soma has released a set of fixes to ready this map for UNL (UnrealNorth League) play. These changes are based on his own experience spectating your playing the map, and the feedback of some competitive North American/European players. Complete changelog here:

- Spawn issues fixed
- Added several blocking volumes
- Set some statics to non collide
- Fixed some collision issues with objects
- Fixed some zone portal bugs
- Simplified some zones
- Added wall in front of 50a (between to pillar to the center)
- Closed door from 100a out to center area
- Changed jumppad so it brings you up to the first floor and not direct to 100a platform
- Moved flak to top ramp platform (above from where it was in -X version)
- Moved rocket to the back near vials & adrenaline
- Changed the slope of the slideable wall (easier to dodge up)

The map should be re-releasing here today. I'll make a post as soon as the download link is active again. - chu::LOB::

Thanks to the folks over at www.liandri.com we are now running the newest and best server-plugin - q3px_v311 - it adds some pretty cool features to being able to see our servers online. Download and install into your Browser's Plugins folder (works for IE and Firefox!) Also, History Section is now linked properly.

*UPDATE* DM-Fractionary is now known as dm-fractionary-x Due to a glitch in the FINAL, soma scrambled to fix while I did what I could for damage control. Thank you to everyone who helped out by (playing video games) and gave some constructive feedback. -xHu::LOB::

p.s. with the release of DM-Fractionary - we've turned on Server Side Demos of .:[fractionary1]:. games. You can download them here starting tomorrow.

Previous day's demos from Clan ::LOB::'s 1v1 Server go LIVE at 9:00AM EST. January's demos have been dumped. If you would like to see server side demos of .:fractionary1 games, please post a thread in the forums. I've also started a thread in the forums to post traceroutes when you have WARPING/INVISIBLE PL/LAG issues. The bad news is that stats are on hold until someone addresses issues with how NewNet weapons are parsed. WS OFF server is getting some play - thanks for your support. -xHu::LOB::

Demos have been going online daily. Local stats are still on hold. Fractionary2 (ws off) traffic has declined sharply. Play it if you want it, otherwise - it goes away. -xHu::LOB::

Fractionary Rev2.0 is online. A second server (4v4 WS OFF) is now active. Local stats should come online this week, so you'll be able to track your stats on Fractionary & 1v1 Servers. -xHu::LOB::

Welcome to the home of the Lordz of Brooklyn UT2k4 Team. This site is in development. The games played on ::LOB:: Public and Private 1v1 servers are available here for download (self-serve). If you have any questions, feel free to join our forums. -xHu::LOB::